Roof Repairs

What would you prefer: Paying for a repair or a replacement? It actually doesn’t matter if you’re talking roofs, designer duds, your car or your favorite piece of jewelry. Repairs are always less expensive than replacements, they can be done quicker and (assuming you have a quality “thing” to begin with) helps you enjoy your item for longer. Roofs are no exception. That’s why Care Roofing of West Valley City, Utah always repairs when possible—and when that’s what the client wants.

Roof replacements are notoriously expensive. However, Care Roofing always prioritizes customer care, which includes sticking within your budget. On the other hand, repairs are still going to trump replacements when it comes to cost and time. The good news? When you have the best, local, skilled roofers in your corner, repairs that others might deem impossible become doable.

Maintenance First

There are some instances when repairs and replacements can’t be avoided (like when the neighbor’s tree comes crashing down on your home). However, for the most part your roof is throwing up red flags left and right that something’s wrong. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t schedule regular, bi-annual roofing inspections. Can you recall the last time you had a roofer at your home? If not, your roof might be screaming for help.

There are many assailants of roofs: UV rays, rain, sleet, snow, wind, pests and debris. Each of them can destroy a roof over time. Plus, keep in mind that not all roof leaks are obvious—only the worst ones are. The longer a roof goes ill maintained, the more likely it is to need urgent repairs and eventually need to be replaced. That’s why Care Roofing prioritizes maintenance, inspections and repairs. It saves you a lot of grief and money in the long haul.

Common Repairs 

Living in Utah’s Salt Lake Valley, where each season represents heartily, can be rough on a roof. Some of the most common repairs are leaks (of all sizes), replacing or repairing broken shingles, clearing off debris (especially caught in gutters) and noticing if roof granules are starting to slough off.

When it comes down to it, there’s no reason to replace if you repair as you go. It’s kind of like cleaning as you go when cooking a huge holiday meal. A little bit of effort on a regular basis can keep your kitchen in check. The same goes for your roof. Repair immediately and keep those inspection appointments every autumn and spring. Follow that regimen and you might just put off a costly replacement for years—or even avoid it altogether.

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