Commercial Roofing

It’s your responsibility to protect your customers, employees and of course your inventory. That all starts with keeping a sturdy roof over your head, but when’s the last time you had a roof inspection? Commercial roofing and residential roofing are two very different beasts to handle, but Care Roofing specializes in both. No matter the size of your commercial space, our expert roofers have seen it all, repaired it all and have worked with all types of materials.

In Utah, some of the most common commercial roof types are asphalt, tile and metal, but we don’t play favorites. Whether you’re dealing with a copper roof, gravel or membrane roofing, you’re worried about wind damage or suspect a leak, the sooner you get it taken care of the safer your business will be. Plus, remember that it’s not just about maintenance—a poor roof can also lead to damage and a worker’s compensation claim.

Business Savvy

Owning your own business is no easy feat (and neither is managing one). If you have commercial space, you probably spent plenty of time scoping it out. Whether you own it outright or you’re the landlord and lease space to tenants, it’s your responsibility to make sure the space is as safe as possible. Putting off fixing shingles or addressing a “tiny leak” can put you on the fast track to disaster.

Also bear in mind that in some instances burglars gain access to commercial spaces via subpar roofs. They know which businesses have the most expensive inventory, when it’s being stored and what your hours are. Dealing with a break-in is bad enough, but if it’s found that you weren’t keeping up with roof maintenance (and that’s how the crooks got in), your insurance might not cover it.

From Utah Business to Another

Just like you, Care Roofing is local, family-owned and all of our team members call this part of Utah home. We know how challenging it can be to operate a business, and you don’t have any extra time on your hands. That’s okay. We’ll schedule regular inspections that fit in your schedule so you can avoid disasters caused by poorly maintained roofs. Facing an emergency? We’re on it so your commercial space is safe and accessible as soon as possible.

From one business to another, you can depend on Care Roofing for the best results and the best in customer service. It’s all in our name.

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Care Roofing is Utah's honest contractor. We will come out and work hard for you. We will go out of our way to make sure that everything we do is meets and exceeds your expectations. All of our work is covered by a 10 year labor warranty. Every one of our employees has been trained by Mark personally for at least 3 years.

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