Is Your Roof Vulnerable to Wind Damage?

Roof Damage

Is wind damage to your roof in your future? The answer, no matter what, is “possibly.” Even a brand new roof featuring the latest technology and most durable materials can fall victim to Mother Nature’s wrath. You’ve probably noticed in films (or perhaps in real life) that roofs are the first thing to get whipped away in a tornado. However, you don’t need to live in Tornado Alley to have your roof damaged by a strong gust.

Wind damage can vary greatly, from loosening up shingles to actually removing part of the roof from your home (albeit the latter is almost always in tornadoes or hurricanes). However, even relatively “minor” roof damage can be a disaster. It can present itself in the form of a leak, can increase your energy bills and can lead to more problems down the road if not addressed. How can you tell if wind damage has already occurred?

It Takes More than Clicking Your Heels Three Times

Sometimes wind damage is obvious—if you’ve found roof shingles in your yard, that’s a good start. However, more often it’s subtle and even a DIY inspection won’t reveal the full damage. The only way to find out if your roof has sustained wind damage is to bring a pro on board. Regular inspections each year are crucial, but you don’t need to wait exactly 12 months.

Any time there’s been particularly nasty weather, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection “just in case.” If your local news crew has been warning or reporting about severe weather, there are weather warnings in place or schools have closed due to inclement weather, that’s a cue to schedule an inspection.

But I Have a New Roof!

Think of it like this: New cars and old cars alike are equally vulnerable to inclement weather. They can have a tree fall on them, get damaged from hail or otherwise end up worse for wear after a storm. While older roofs that aren’t well maintained might be more prone to damage than new roofs, new roofs aren’t immune. In fact, it’s even easier to forget about inspections when you have a new roof since you have a false sense of security.

A new roof is a big investment—and if you splurged on one, you want to protect it. You wouldn’t buy a new car and then forget to have the oil changed in a timely manner, would you? Regardless of age, take care of your roof and it’ll do the same for you. Nobody (and nothing) is safe from particularly powerful winds, so after the storm clears make sure your humble abode is still secure.

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