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Enjoy The Ultimate In Online Blackjack In Canada

canadian flagWith online gambling being legal within Canada, many Canadians have the right and privilege to experience full tilt blackjack action in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

With the best odds of winning out of any Casino game, now is your chance to play for keeps. Normally I would recommend a few different options, but when you find a Casino that works why go anywhere else if you can play blackjack online for real money.

The Best Online Casino For Blackjack In Canada is:

Omni Casino
133% CDN Welcome Bonus

Many casinos have come and gone on the world wide web.  Since 1997 Omni has stood the test of time, because of their outstanding reputation and dedication to bring you superior customer service.

  • Multi-Award winning
  • Canadian owned and operated
  • Established in 1997
  • Average payout ratio of 97%
  • Geared specifically towards Canadian players, so you can deposit and play in $CDN easily
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canadian flagCanadian Based?

All casinos will gladly take your money but the truth is that 97% are NOT Canadian based….that means you’re trusting your info, security and money  with a gaming company based…who knows where?!

Make sure the company you choose to play and wage with is truly Canadian.

canadian flagHow To Pick A Casino

Its very easy to say you are the best, but it is much harder to live up to that title.  Here is the criteria we used when trying to find the best place to play blackjack online for real money:

√ As a Canadian you should be able to deposit, play and withdraw in Canadian dollars. You actually lose a percent of your money every time you convert it to another currency.  Therefore you should never have to convert your money to play.

√ Ability for you to be able to take the casino for a test drive.  A casino should always have an option that will allow you to play for free to make sure you enjoy their casino and the games they offer.

√ A welcome bonus should at least have a matching offer of 100% and the initial requirement to receive this bonus should be small.

√ Nothing worst then looking at 1980s pixilated old school atari graphics. It makes the gaming experience so much easier and more enjoyable when the graphics are clean, rich, and vibrant graphics.

√ Easy and simple to use, graphical user-interface.  Which basically means, that its easy to find and do what you want to do while you are playing.  Instead of having to spend the first hour of your game play trying to find out to place or remove a bet.

√ What most people don’t know is that many casino’s don’t supply the gaming software.  They purchase it from another company.  You want to make sure the gaming software is Secure & stable.

√ A casino should always offer multiple ways to cash out your winnings > Credit card, debit card, Canadian bank draft Moneybookers to Instabank.

√ Ongoing match deposit bonuses and VIP points for being a loyal patron. Many casinos are so happy once they have your money and see you playing regularly, that they never consider giving anything back.  Make sure they have a points program that allows you get something back.

√ Without any hassle you should be able to withdraw any winnings, no matter the balance. Its your money, you won it, why should you not be able to have it?

√ Offer frequent tournaments that can lead to some big payouts.  Having more interaction with live players around the world always adds that extra bit of excitement.

√ Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable customer service teams in Canada that are on call 24/7 with rapid response times. Allowing you to be able to talk to someone whenever you have a problem and be able to work it out.

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